Haacon Lifting

Haacon are an independent company specialising in the manufacture of lifting equipment, with headquarters in Freudenberg – Collenberg (Südspessart) Germany.

haacon hebetechnik gmbh is an engineering company with significant expertise in various profitable (niche) sectors of mechanical and electromechanical lifting technology.

They are one of the leading engineering companies, boasting excellent special-purpose production departments. This is highlighted by their motto Competence in lifting technology. Their team brings together expertise, quality, advanced technology and efficiency to create innovative solutions for a wide range of application areas or special requirements.


The origins of the company haacon hebetechnik gmbh can be traced back to the year 1872 at which time two local brothers, Josef and Ludwig Haamann, founded a mechanical workshop to manufacture wooden shank winches in Freudenberg am Main.

In 1956, the company Josef Haamann became the first manufacturer in Europe to enter into the serial production of supporting equipment for semi-trailers based on toothed racks. To this day, haacon is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of vehicle components to the domestic and international commercial vehicle industries.
1970 The company Josef Haamann responds to the emergence of the container market by focussing intently on container handling. Hydraulic container lifting devices,
the so-called “Conliftmobile” are developed at this time.

1981 “haacon hebetechnik gmbh” is registered as a company. The company premises now cover more than 50,000 m², of which 14,000 m² are under roof.

1996 haacon becomes a certified company as per DIN ISO 9001

1997 The company celebrates its 125 year anniversary.

2000 Thomas Lotz becomes the Managing Director of haacon.
2001 The sales office, haacon France S.? .r.l, is opened near Strasbourg. The supporting leg S 2000 Plus goes into serial production.

2004 haacon hebetechnik austria gmbh is founded in Marchegg, Austria.

2007 Thomas Lotz acquires all of the company shares of haacon hebetechnik gmbh.

2014 Miroslava Lotz joins the company management team.

2016 haacon launches the new trailer landing gear SX onto the market.

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