Haacon WA Type Wall/Column Mount Cable Drum Hand Winch ALU HA

£112.80£171.00 Price excluding Vat

  • Lifting capacity WA50 -45 kg (HA-AG45) or WA100 – 100 kg (HA-AG100) for wall mounting
  • Hand operated winches designed for light duty application, for example – raising blinds, shutters, clothes lines, washing lines and chandeliers.
  • Designed for domestic applications
  • Aluminium die-cast construction, corrosion resistant parts and powder coated paint finish
  • Self locking brake
  • Quiet running with low crank effort, removable crank and low weight
  • Commonly used in washing line applications



Haacon Wall Mount Hand Winch type WA50 (45Kgs) or WA100 (100Kgs)

Compact hand winch for domestic use

Aluminium die casting for lower weights.

Compact construction

Closed casing box C corrosion resistant

Quiet running


Low crank force

Removable crank

Surface treatment: powder coated

Wire Winch Rope not Included – available on request


Product code Lifting capacity 1st layer (kg) Rope diameter (mm) Rope capacity total (m) Ratio Lift per crank turn (mm) Required effort (kg) Weight (kg)
209017 45 2 12 1:1 96 8 1
209018 100 3 8 1:1 38 6 2.1


Haacon Wall / Column Mount Manual Winch 421 / 4210 Plated or Stainless

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