Sumner 2012S Short Stack Material Lift Pt 784092

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Great for hoisting on/off vehicles

Shorter masts for storage

Lifts up to 360 Kgs

Max Height 3.9m

No Tools required


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The Sumner Series 2012s “short stack” Material Lift Part No. 784092 is a new addition to the Sumner 2000 Series Range of Material Lifts

The  lower stowed height of the Sumner 2012s “short stack” means it can be easily transported and still offer a maximum lifting height of 3.9 metres  when the forks are reversed

With 10″ rough terrain wheels included and fast action stabilizer legs this new model is the perfect material lift for working on sites

Specification :

  • Lifting Capacity 360 kgs
  • Height Stowed 161.3 cm
  • Length Stowed 86.4 cm
  • Length Operating 157.5 cm
  • Base Width 79.4 cm
  • Width w/Stabilizer Legs 188 cm
  • Ground Clearance 6.4 cm
  • Load Height (min) 15.2 cm
  • Max Height (Forks Down) 3.4 m
  • Max Height (Forks Reversed) 3.9 m
  • Net Weight 145 kgs

Features :

•  Mast hold-down secures mast for safe transport
•  No tools required, no loose hardware
•  Pulley Guards – Designed to prevent load lines from slipping off
•  Roller Wheels – Helps to roll into trucks of vans
•  Lifting Eye – Great for hoisting on/off vehicles
•  Inside Mast Cable Feed – Removes exposed cable from near the operator’s face
•  Reversible Forks – Using plunger pins, forks remove and reverse easily for added height or to get flush with a ceiling. No loose pieces!
•  10″ Rough Terrain Wheels – Makes loading a truck or van hassle free
•  Lockable 5″ Casters – Hard tread urethane wheels
•  Sumner built winch – Highly reliable, single-speed winch uses idle roller to feed cable evenly on  the drum to avoid cable flats. Handles are removable when not in use

There are many Optional features with this model which can be purchased separately


See link below to view the 2012s video

Sumner 2012s Short Stack video


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Sumner 2012s short stack

2012S Short Stack Lift

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