Sumner Lifting, a Southwire Company, is a recognized leading manufacturer of material Lifts,contractors Lifts, jack stands, materials carts and other tools and equipment for the construction market

 In the mid 60’s, Joe Sumner was the worldwide general foreman for the Sam P. Wallace Co, a large US mechanical contractor.

Joe realized that there was a great need for good welding tools and lifting equipment to make the job of installing pipe easier and safer.

There was little available on the market so Joe designed and fabricated his own equipment and used them on Wallace jobs.

The results far exceeded his expectations. With Joe’s tools, jobs were being completed well before scheduled completion dates and way under budget.

 He then started Sumner Manufacturing by building products for the mechanical contractor based on his first hand knowledge of what was required in the field.

As the demand for Sumner equipment spread across the country, the range of Sumner products grew as well.

Today Sumner tools are used daily in over 50 countries and Sumner branches are available in Canada, the UK and The Netherlands to better serve these markets.

While Sumner is recognized as the leader in pipe handling equipment,the product range includes equipment for a wide variety of contractors.

All Sumner products are built with the concept of providing safe, common sense tools which are priced right.

Lifts that Make your Lifting Tasks Easier and Safer.

Sumner Manufacturing Co., LLC continues its tradition of quality and value with its line of Material Lifts. Built and designed for the job site, these Sumner products help move heavy loads safely and easily.

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