Sumner Cricket Pipe Trolley / Pipe Bogey Pt 782685

£525.00 Price excluding Vat

Standard Features

  • Transport 20 ft (6.1 m) pipe lengths up to 1,000 Lb. (450 Kg)
  • Comes with ratchet hold-down strap and 16″ (41 cm) tubed tires.
  • Weighs only 82 Lb (37.2 kg)
  • Quick handle disconnect for compact storage.
  • Carries up to 12″ (300 mm) diameter pipe.

       Delivery approx 2 weeks from order


The Sumner Cricket is a Flip type Pipe Bogey/Pipe Trolley which is used to pick up and transport lengths of pipe up to 20ft Long which makes this the perfect solution when handling long pipes up to 450kg

Part No.     Description Weight
Lb. Kg.
782685     Cricket with flat free tires 82 37.2

Manufactured by Sumner manufacturing,part of the Southwire Group,in North America


Uses leverage to lift pipe!

cricket_pos_1_med_1.jpg cricket_pos_2_med_1.jpg
1. Use ratchet to secure Cricket to pipe 2. Use handle to flip Cricket & pipe

Sumner Cricket Pipe Bogey Manual