Sumner Roustabout Tee-Head Extension Bar

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Expands the ROUST-A-Bout for handling bulky Loads up to 455 kgs

Takes only minutes to attach or detach

Yellow or Galvanised Finish Options

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Tee-Head Extension  Bar for the Sumner Roust-a-bout РYellow or Galvanised Finish available

Lift wider Loads with the Sumner Roust-A-Bout with the Tee-Head Extension Bar

Load Limit 455 kgs

Note: Load center is moved to only 4″ back of front castors, decreasing stability.

Use Carefully and only on bulky loads up to 455 kgs

Part No. Description Weight A B C
Lb Kg inch cm inch cm inch cm
781545 R-100/150 Tee-Head Extension Bar 21 9.5 22 55 43 108 48 120
781547 R-250 Tee-Head Extension Bar 33 15.0 37 93 73 183 68 173

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