Rope Pulley / sheave with Bracket Type 2 WZ100

£116.00 Price excluding Vat

Capacities from 200kg through to 50kg

For 6mm ø up to 8mm wire ropes.

Suitable for use with manual or powered winches


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WZ100 Pulley/sheave & Bracket Type 2 without bush, suitable for wire rope 3mm to 12mm with safe working loads from 50Kg to 1000Kg

The pulley itself is manufactured from Material : EN-GJL-250 (GG 25)

The pulleys suit  Manual  operations only

Please check the table below to make sure that the correct pulley is selected based on rope size, safe working load, pulley diameter and base size .


WZ 100A Type 2 Pulley & Bracket

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