Cartec Restraint Fall Arrest Anchor Eyebolt C901X long

£78.50£81.00 Price excluding Vat

Extended Rotating Eyebolt Restraint Anchor Eyebolt

Manufactured to BS EN795

150mm Extended Thread Length

Suitable for 1 or 2 persons



Cartec C901X Fall arrest restraint eyebolt anchor point with Extended thread

The Cartec 901X is a safe Arrest Anchor Point to which a safety harness/lanyard can be attached to prevent falls

Supplied with an extended bolt to give a 150mm thread length

Manufactured to BS EN795

Supplied in 2 capacities

M12 – One Person – Thread Length 150mm

M16 – Two Person – Thread Length 150mm

Designed to enable disassembly only with the specific spanner provided

Globestock G.Davit Kit with G.Saver II & Bracket Model GSEDK

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