Hackett ATEX C4 Combined Chain Hoist & Push Trolley – Extended

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ATEX anti-spark combined chain block and trollies for use in hazardous environments

Special internal components corrosion protected

Fitted with stainless steel hand chain material 316L

Supplied with EN818-7 zinc plated loadchain as standard with an option for stainless steel Grade 6 load chain upon application.

Capacity 500 Kg – 2 tonne Other sizes available upon request

Fitted with anti-jump bars and rubber end stops as standard.

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In accordance with: ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

The William Hackett ATEX-C4 Combined Chain Hoist and Trolleys meet and exceed the requirements of international standard and British Standard BS EN 13157:2004 + AI:2009.

This high quality trolley range is precision engineered in capacities from 500 kg to 2 tonne

Enabling exact positioning or easy traversing of large loads incorporating manual hoists, the Hackett series combined chain block and trollies can be supplied to suit various track widths with Beam Range 1 and the extended Beam Range 2.

The runners (trolley wheels) are precision machined and they rotate on maintenance sealed ball bearings.

All Hackett combined trolleys are fitted with anti-jump bars and rubber end stops as standard.

WH-C4 Atex Hoist and Trolley push
WH-C4 Atex Combined


ATEX-C4 Combined Chain Hoist and Push Trolley

Part Code        WLL tonnes  Beam Range 1 mm   Beam Range 2 mm     a  max mm       b mm        h mm
066.ATEX.050     0.50               50 – 203                                –                         294                 190            314

066.ATEX.100     1.00               64 – 203                         64 – 203                    311                 206            340

066.ATEX.200     2.00              1 88 – 203                       88 – 305                    324                 246            400

Hackett ATEX WH-PT Push Beam Trolley – Extended

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