Long Shank Collared Eyebolts with Reevable Egglink

£24.00£105.00 Price excluding Vat

Material Eyebolt: BS970-080A27 hardened and tempered, Link: high tensile steel
Safety Factor MBL equals 5 x SWL
Finish Self colour
Certificates This product is supplied with an EC declaration of conformity, upon request a certificate of basic raw material
Notes For eyebolt dimensions refer to BS4278


High Tensile Long Shank Collared Eyebolts with Reevable Egglink High Tensile Steel 

These Grade 4 High tensile long thread metric eyebolts have a thread length of 178mm

The reevable egglink makes it easier to connect hooks directly into the link making it a faster connection

There is also then no need to connect a shackle between the eyebolt and hook to save on headroom

Manufactured in the UK and issued with a declaration of conformity

Supplied Self Colour only


Safe Working Load Diameter Thread Diameter Link Length Link Inside Width Link Inside Thread Length Product Code Weight
tonnes a mm b mm c mm d mm h mm kg
0.25 10 11 70 35 178 24301 0.47
0.40 12 11 70 35 178 24302 0.48
0.80 16 16 100 50 178 24303 1.06
1.60 20 19 120 55 178 24304 1.87
2.50 24 25 152 76 178 24305 4.16
4.00 30 32 203 98 178 24306 6.45


Lifting at Angles

Eyebolt with link

As far as the choice of eyebolt type is concerned, the eyebolt with link can in all respects be considered as the general purpose option for use whenever the loading cannot be confined to the plane of the eye.

It is designed to accept a sling hook without the need for an intermediate component and can be loaded in any direction up to the marked SWL, provided that the angle of the load to the axis of the screwthread does not exceed 15º. Beyond that, the SWL reduces as the angle increases. See SWL Chart diagram above

Eyebolts with link may be used for trunnion lifting.


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