1 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10 22mm 19.00T Yoke BS EN 818-4

£386.00£1,350.00 Price excluding Vat

Certified Chain Slings manufactured to your requirements

Range of Lengths and end terminations available

Optional Grab Shortening Hooks


Yoke Grade 10 Alloy Chain Sling Assemblies

Our range of Grade 10 Yoke Alloy Chain slings are supplied and made to order by one of the leading sling manufacturers in the U.K.

The advantage of using a Grade 10 chain system, 25% stronger than Grade 8 , is the possible saving in weight for a like for like Swl Assembly and this can make a big difference when you are carrying a large 4 leg chain assembly

A choice of Single, two, three, four leg & Collar Chain Sling options from 6mm to 26mm diameter all certified and issued with a manufacturers Declaration of Conformity.

With a large selection of end fitting options available including Safety Hooks, Swivel Hooks, Foundry Hooks, Reevable links and Shackles we are confident that we will have the perfect solution for all your needs.

If you have a large crane hook we also offer a range of Oversized Master links and if you need any help or advice regarding your chain sling selection, then please enquire via our on-line quotation system or just give us a call.

Hackett Grade 10 Lifting Chain is embossed MA10 and also with class leading batch code marking.
The chain is proof load tested to 2.5 times working load limit and is supplied in a blue painted finish. The Hackett Grade 100 Chain is suitable for use in a temperature range of -40C up to 200C without reduction in working load limit.

As with all lifting equipment, Chain Slings should be inspected by a responsible person before each period of use. If a defect is found the chain sling should be returned to your local distributor where a competent person will repair the sling.

Chain Slings are classified as a “lifting accessory” and are covered by LOLER. As such all chain slings should be thoroughly examined by a competent person at periods not exceeding 6 months.

Chain Slings should not be used unless they are accompanied by a valid declaration of conformity or a certificate of thorough examination.

Yoke Lifting Point Type 211L Metric – Extended Length