Drum Lifter Dispenser Vertical – Raptor LG800 – Raptor LG800WA

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One-person Operation saves time, reduces spilling waste, and improves productivity.

Lift and dispense Steel or Plastic Drums via geared wheel & chain

Capacity 365 kgs

Suitable for Hoist or Fork Lift Lifting

Lifts 210 litre/55 Gallon Drums





Raptor Vertical Geared Drum Lifter to Lift Steel or Plastic Drums in the Vertical Position and Dispense when required

Model LM800- For Steel Drums Only  210L/55 Gallon

LM800 – Capacity 365kgs Full / 225kgs Half Drum – Weight 40kgs

Model LM800/WA – For Fibre / Plastic Drums only

LM800/WA – Fitted with a Web Attachment –  Weight 10kgs

A safe method of transporting and dispensing steel or fibre/plastic drums around your site

This product is a professional tool used for lifting, transporting and dispensing  55 gallon steel or polyethylene drums .



The “RAPTOR” Geared Vertical Drum Lifter / Dispenser

  • One-person Operation saves time, reduces spilling waste, and improves productivity.
  • Simply attach or hang lifter on hook from an overhead hoist or crane, cinch saddle around drum, and raise to desired height and position.
  • Geared chain control and low effort feature makes this model useable at any height.
  • 10-ft control chain can be locked to secure drum in any position during transit and dispensing.
  • Idea for low lever pouring and dumping operations.
  • Positive tilt lock on drum saddle to hold drum upright in transit.
  • When released, the operator can manually tilt the drum to control pouring
  • The drum can be rotated 360 degrees in either direction.
  • Locks also hold drum in horizontal position.

Link to LG800 Manual Below



Drum Lifter Raptor DL360 & DL360SP – Steel or Plastic Drums

Eichinger 2084 Fork Mounted Hook

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