Drum Lifter Raptor DL360 & DL360SP – Steel or Plastic Drums

£56.50£125.00 Price excluding Vat

Lift Steel or Plastic Drums

Capacity 360 kgs

Suitable for Hoist or Fork Lift Lifting

Lifts 35 and 55 Gallon Drums





Raptor Drum Lifters to Lift Steel or Plastic Drums in the Vertical Position

Model DL 360- For Steel Drums Only                                    Model DL 360SP – For Steel and Plastic Drums

A safe method of transporting steel or plastic drums around your site

This product is a professional tool used for lifting, transporting and stowing 33 gallon and 55 gallon steel or polyethylene drums open or closed.

It is designed with a 3 point drum contact with stabilizing arm which reduces damage to the drum and automatically engages the drum rim when lowered.

Capacity 360KG
Drum Type Lifted 33 gallon and 55 gallon. closed-head steel & poly drums
Net Weight 7KG

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Eichinger 2084 Fork Mounted Hook

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