William Hackett Corrosion Combined Chain Block & Push Trolley – Standard Beam Range

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Chain Hoist with Built in Push Trolley

Corrosion Protested

500kg – 5000kg


Combined Corrosion protected CP-C4 Chain Hoist and push trolley with standard beam range

The William Hackett Corrosion Protected Combined Chain Hoist with Push and Geared Trolleys meet and exceed the requirements  of international standard and British Standard BS EN 13157:2004 + AI:2009.

The William Hackett CP-C4 chain hoist is manufactured in accordance with EN13157 which requires that it can be used within an operating temperature range of -40C to +55C.

William Hackett has taken its extensive knowledge of corrosion protection acquired in the supply of specialist topside and subsea hoisting range to the offshore sector and translated this technology to a second generation range of William Hackett CP-C4 anti corrosion chain hoists.

CP-C4 Combined Chain Hoist and Push Trolley

Part Code WLL
No. of Falls Beam Range 1
Beam Range 2
a max
Mass kg
Range 1
066.050.CP 0.50 1 50 – 203 294 190 295 15.00
066.100.CP 1.00 1 64 – 203 64 – 305 311 206 305 22.00
066.200.CP 2.00 1 88 – 203 88 – 305 324 246 437 34.00

Hackett ATEX C4 Combined Chain Block & Push Trolley – Standard

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