Globestock Winch – GSE070 c/w Galv Steel Cable – 250 kg capacity

£935.00£970.00 Price excluding Vat

Can be mounted to G.Tripod and G Davit via brackets

Cable lengths of 20m to 40m available

Galvanised steel cables
Weight: 21.5kg
Anti-run brake
Gear ratio 1:8.9 (for easy personnel lifting, 50mm retrieval per rotation)
CE certified. Conforms to European Directive 2006/42/EC


The Globestock GSE070 Winch, is your new go-to for lifting and lowering people and loads safely and easily.

Formerly known as G.Winch, this winch is designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

Top Features:

Automatic Brake: If you let go of the handle while lifting, the winch locks automatically, keeping everything secure.

Easy to Use: The 1:8.9 gear ratio makes lifting easy, pulling in 50mm of rope with each turn.

Versatile Mounting: Can be attached to various anchor devices, including G.Tripod and Xtirpa (brackets required).

Built to Last: Available with either galvanised or stainless steel rope.

Different Lengths: Choose from up to 40m of rope.

Available Models:

GSE070-02-20G: 20m rope, 20.5kg weight, 250kg max load, galvanised steel rope with karabiner

GSE070-02-40G: 40m rope, 22kg weight

GSE070-02-40SSK: 40m rope, 22kg weight, 200kg max load, stainless steel rope with karabiner


The Winch is complete with:

Anti-run braking mechanism, so if the winding arm is released during lifting the mechanism automatically locks, holding the person steady until the handle is rotated again by the operator.

Tough and durable gears, hardened for a long, wear-resistant working life.

Hard-wearing and tough pressed steel body and casing.

The Winch has a high mechanical efficiency and a light, smooth action, making lifting easy.



Galvanised Pump Lifting Chain Sling Grade 4 High Tensile

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