Globestock Tripod Kit GSE230 with G.Saver II Recovery Winch for Personnel

£1,495.00£1,950.00 Price excluding Vat

Tripod Kit c/w G-Saver II Recovery/Rescue Winch

Standard or Compact Tripod Available

G Saver with 3 different Length Options : 14m, 20m, or 34m

  • Robust & Lightweight
  • Simple folding design
  • Recovery winch with anti-run brake
  • Shock absorbing brake mechanism
  • Approx. 3m per minute retrieval
  • Stopping distance 0.6m to 1m
  • Auto-lock karabiner


Globestock`s Compact or Standard GSE230 G.Tripod Kit with G Saver II Recovery Rescue Winch  provides a lighweight,durable,secure and stable anchorage kit for confined space access,recovery and down-hole applications.

The kit comprises Tripod GSE230, G-Saver II Recovery Winch (see length options)and brackets with an optional rescue harness

There are 2 Models of the Tripod available – Standard or Compact – see specification link below



gse230c Compact Tripod Dims

GSE230C Compact Tripod Dims


Compact Tripod Models available online with  14m, 20m or 34m G-Saver II  Recovery winch and bracket – with or without a Rescue Harness 


GSE230S Standard Tripod Dims
GSE230S Standard Tripod Dims

Standard Tripod Models available online

14m, 20m or 34m G-Saver II Recovery Winch – with or without Rescue Harness

Tripod Type & Kit Ref    G Saver II + Bracket G Winch + Bracket Kit Ref with Harness
Compact Kit 1    YES – 14M   NO Compact Kit 2
Standard Kit 1    YES – 14M   NO Standard Kit 2
Compact Kit 5    YES – 20M   NO Compact Kit 5H
Standard Kit 5    YES – 20M   NO Standard Kit 5H
Compact Kit 6    YES – 34M   NO Compact Kit 6H
Standard Kit 6    YES – 34M   NO Standard Kit 8

The G.Saver II is a fall arrester that features a recovery winch and available in 3 different length options

Available with either galvanised or Stainless wire rope


Item Code


Max. Cable Length




Rope Kit

GSE414G 14m 136kg Galv cable, alu karabiner
GSE414SSK 14m Stainless steel
GSE420G 20m Galv cable, alu karabiner
GSE420SSK 20m Stainless steel
GSE434G 34m Galv cable, alu karabiner
GSE434SSK 34m Stainless steel

Globestock Tripod Kit GSE230 G.Saver II G Winch Personnel Confined Space

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