For more than 100 years, parent company Florian Eichinger GmbH has been supplying construction and industrial clients throughout Europe with high quality equipment. In 2011 as part of the companies commitment to the UK, Eichinger Equipment Ltd was formed with a mission to deliver a specific range of crane and forklift attachments best suited to UK legislation and working practices.
The history, knowledge and experience in these sectors is unrivalled.
The build quality speaks for itself, there is no compromise on quality to achieve margin, that’s why an increasing number of companies are turning to Eichinger to supply equipment for their fleet, understanding product quality allows them to reduce maintenance costs and increase the equipment life cycle.
Many companies have chosen to adopt a ‘clean fleet’ policy to ensure consistancy and transparency within their fleets.
Eichinger manufacturers everything in house and do not have a string of fabricators supplying slightly different designs of the same equipment, this way you know what you’re getting and you know it will be good to get the job done.

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