Turntable Truck TSK with Steel Sides

£825.00£1,225.00 Price excluding Vat

Heavy Duty Turntable Truck with dropdown steel sides

Perfect for moving Items around Site

Capacity 500 Kgs & 1000 kgs

200mm high steel dropdown sides

Rubber or Pneumatic wheels available

Range of 3 flatbed table sizes


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TSK Turntable Truck with Steel Sides 500kg or 1000kg Capacity

Steel sided flatbed turntable trucks are used for moving heavy loads around site both inside and outside.

They are built from high quality mild steel making them a durable and reliable product.

They feature a kingpin and friction plate steering mechanism to provide smooth turning capabilities and have an 18mm plywood deck to support almost any type of load.

This turntable has 200mm folded sheet steel sides to enclose loose loads, but can drop down on both sides to allow for easier loading.

In addition to the standard wheels we can offer puncture proof tyres, please call for details.

All these Trolleys are manufactured using procedures that conform to available EU standards and carrying capacities to the guidelines in the Manual Handling Directive.

3 different flatbed sizes.

Available with 200mm Rubber or 260mm Pneumatic Tyres

Please note that all sizes are displayed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise indicated.


Model Platform LxW mm Wheels Platform H Overall LxWxH mm Capacity
TSK110SC 1220 x 610 200mm  Rubber 435mm 1360 x 610 x 435 500kg
TSK110NP 1220 x 610 260mm Pneumatic 435mm 1360 x 610 x 435 500kg
TSK210SC 1525 x 760 355mm Rubbber 485mm 1675 x 760 x 685 1000kg
TSK310SC 1525 x 760 410mm Pneumatic 512mm 1675 x 760 x 712 1000kg
TSK310SC 2000 x 1000 355mm Rubber 485mm 2140 x 1000 x 685 1000kg
TSK310SP4 2000 x 1000 410mm Pneumatic 512mm 2140 x 1000 x 712 1000kg


Flatbed Trolleys Type TSK 500kg / 1000kg

Sumner Cricket Pipe Trolley / Pipe Bogey Pt 782685

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