Globestock G Saver II Fall Arrest Block / Recovery Winch GSE

£749.00£1,395.00 Price excluding Vat

Manufactured in the UK
Retrieval winch with anti-run brake
Shock absorbing brake mechanism
Galvanised or stainless steel cables available
Cable lengths of 14M to 34m available
Cable retrieval rate: approx. 3m per minute
Stopping distance of approx. 0.6m to 1.0m
136kg safe working load
Weight: 11-23kg (cable length dependant)
CE certified, fully tested to European standards. Conforms to EN360 & EN1496


The SAVER is a retractable type fall arrester  (SRL-R) with an integrated emergency rescue mechanism.

Click here for a list of the upgrades, or click here for a quick video summary of the upgrades.

May be used in conjunction with appropriate, certified anchorages and harnesses in confined space applications.


  • Fall arrester certified to latest EN / ANSI / CSA / UKCA
  • Recovery winch with anti-run brake
  • Shock absorbing brake mechanism
  • Approx. 3m per minute retrieval
  • Stopping distance 0.6m to 1m
  • Snaphook karabiner with fall indicator
  • Synthetic rope option
  • SAVER SRL fall arrester, frontSAVER SRL, fall arrest, self retracting lifeline


The TF heat-treated aluminium castings are robust and durable, capable of withstanding the harshest conditions and rough treatment.

The rope is secured with a secondary backup feature to ensure full protection even at the rope termination

Item Code Conformity Max. Working Load Min. Working Load Lifeline Length Lifeline / Snap Hook Material Weight
GSE414G FprEN360: 2022 / EN1496:2006 Class B / ANSI/ASSP Z359.14-2021 / CSA Z259.2.2-17 / AS-NZS 1891.3-2020 141 kg / 310 lbs 60 kg / 132 lbs 14 m / 46 ft Zinc plated steel 12 kg
GSE410SSK 10 m / 32 ft Stainless steel 12 kg
GSE414P FprEN360: 2022 / EN1496:2006 Class B 14 m / 46 ft Synthetic lifeline, zinc plated steel snap hook 10.6 kg
GSE420G EN360: 2002 / EN1496:1996 Class B 136 kg / 300 lbs 20 m / 65 ft Zinc plated steel 17 kg
GSE420SSK Stainless steel 17 kg
GSE434G 34 m / 111 ft Zinc plated steel 23 kg
GSE434SSK Stainless steel 23 kg

SAVER 10 m + 14 m Dimensions:

Dimensional drawing for the SAVER fall arrest SRL

The GSE414P  and GSE430P models follow the same construction and function of the popular SAVER fall arrester range, but are fitted with a high performance HMPE fibre line. The low stretch material is up to 70% stronger than the current steel wire line found in the wire rope models, with less than half the density.

This makes the product up to 2.5 kg lighter.

With the selected  highest grade rope, which is lined with a specialist coating that provides an increased level of abrasion resistance, prolonging the lifespan of the rope.

All terminations are professionally spliced, whipped, and coated to ensure long term quality. 

With the suspended load removed and the winch mechanism disengaged, the cable automatically retracts back in to the unit, regaining its fall arrest function.

The G.Saver II can be mounted vertically above the user or horizontally, in conjunction with a suitable anchorage point.

It can also be used in conjunction with our G.Tripod.


Lengths –  14M , 20M  or 34M

Galvanised Cable with standard Snap Hook (G)

Stainless Cable with Stainless Karabiner (SK)

Fall Protection Hierarchy of Controls

  • AVOID – Do as much work as possible from the ground.
  • PREVENT – Stop a fall from occurring with: a) collective prevention, such as a guard rail. b) personal prevention, such as a restraint lanyard.
  • MINIMISE – Minimise the potential fall distance and fall consequences with PPE.







Globestock Tripod Kit GSE230 with G.Saver II Recovery Winch for Personnel