Guard Load Arrestors

Globestock Guard Load Arrestor GSE is available with various rope lengths with either Galvanised or Stainless wire rope

Guard load arrestors GSE are heavy-duty fall arrest blocks for protecting equipment that is suspended at height.

The Guard’s cable automatically extends and retracts, following the movement of the load.

This is ideal for loads that need to move, and often means the cable often does not need to be disconnected when changing for example, lights or speakers.

They provide a secondary safety back-up for overhead loads, used in conjunction with a primary lifting device or support, such as a hoist or fixed anchorage.

If the primary support fails, the load arrestor will automatically stop the load from falling, preventing damage to the load and, more importantly, protecting people below.

Guard Load Arrestor in Stage & Theatre

Throughout the industry, riggers and installers are using these UK-made Guard load arrestors as load securing devices for safeguarding lighting and sound equipment that is suspended above people.

If your primary load bearing equipment fails, the Guard load arrestor will automatically stop the load from falling, thereby preventing damage to the equipment and, more importantly, protecting the audience/performers below.

Guard Load Arrestor in Industry

Guard Load arrestors provide fall protection for equipment.

Do you lift or suspend equipment that cannot be allowed to drop? If so, you should consider installing a Guard load arrest device as a safeguard in case the primary lifting equipment fails.

If you have a piece of equipment which could fall from a height and either damage property/equipment or persons working underneath, then the Load Arrestor is the perfect tool for the job.

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