William Hackett SS-C4 QP Topside & Subsea Chain Hoist ( EN818-7 )

£217.00£2,405.00 Price excluding Vat

Suitable for Offshore including Subsea and Topside

Range from 500 Kgs to 20 Tonnes available

Anti Corrosion Model



The William Hackett SS-C4 Quad Pawl offshore chain hoist is manufactured in accordance with EN13157 which requires that it can be used within an operating temperature range of -40C to +55C.

William Hackett has taken its extensive knowledge acquired in the supply of a specialist topside and subsea hoisting range to the offshore sector and translated this technology to a second generation range of William Hackett SS-C4 offshore chain hoists.
These hoists can be supplied in the following configurations:

  • Single hook suspension unit
  • Low headroom combined chain hoist and push travel trolley
  • Low headroom combined chain hoist and geared travel trolley

All the above hoist configurations can also be supplied with the following options:

  • Calibrated Grade T (8) load chain to BS EN818-7 zinc plated with zinc plated hand chain
  • Calibrated Grade S (6) 316L stainless steel loadchain, hand chain and bottom hook (stainless steel bottom hooks are only available for 500kg and 1 tonne units)
  • Overload protection option is available.

SS-C4 Hoist


  • 500hrs + Protection against salt spray tests according to ASTM B117
  • Twin pawls as standard
  • Heavy duty forged safety catches
  • Stainless steel fixing used throughout the hoist
  • Hook housing is bolt connected using cap head screws and nyloc nuts
  • All brake components are corrosion protected
  • Load chain meets the requirements of European standards EN818-7
  • Compact and robust design for easy handling

Performance and Testing
The William Hackett CP-C4 offshore chain hoists have been fully tried and tested to include:

  • Minimum Breaking Load – a minimum of 4 x the WLL
  • The load chain anchor / end stop tested to at least 2.5 x the WLL with no restriction of either the brake or gears
  • All Hoists are 100% proof tested at 1.5 x the Working Load Limit
  • Light load of 2% of Working Load Limit

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