Tiger Lifting

Tiger Lifting manufacture and provide the full range of Tiger hoisting and winching products globally, including the Tiger Subsea Lifting range. The recently introduced pneumatic air hoists to the range and increased the selection of lifting clamps.
Also provide high quality height safety hardware products.

Tiger Lifting have many close partnerships with successful lifting equipment distributors across the world and as a global innovator and provider work constantly with customers and key suppliers to continually develop products and product range.

Tiger Lifting aim to set the highest standards in manufacturing, service, product reliability and safety and to provide industry leading value to customers and supply chain partners.

The hoisting range includes chain blocks and lever hoists, trolleys, clamps, combination units and offer a wide range of winches for a variety of application.
The height safety hardware includes beam anchors, fall arrest block and karabiners.
Tiger Lifting also offer spark proof, corrosion resistant and bespoke OEM products for special applications.

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