The Kong company started in Italy in 1830 when it was known as the Bonaiti Company who manufactured Carabiners.
In the 1960s the first light alloy carabiners for extreme mountaineering were manufactured, and this new material reduced the product’s weight from 200 to 65 grams. These carabiners were highly appreciated by rock climbers due to aesthetic matters, since the different colours, obtained through an anodising process, linked to the rest of their equipment.
Then in 1977 the company changed it`s name to the Kong Company.
The entire production cycle, from design to packaging, is made in a factory of 10,000 square meters, located in Monte Marenzo (LC), Italy, where each item of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is tested piece by piece and then sold throughout the world.
The range of products grew considerably, and now included pulleys, descenders and ascenders for ropes, helmets, harnesses, but mostly they began to produce specific articles for mountain rescue such as stretchers, fishing poles and various other specific tools needed for mountaineering use, adapted to the needs of those living the mountains not only for leisure but for professional reasons.
Today Kong’s core business is safety and rescue. Mountaineering techniques have been been adopted in construction, where, in order to observe accident prevention regulations, workers use suitably-modified equipment, originating from the world of mountaineering. The range of products has been adapted to the standards required for work at height.
GPS are pleased to offer the Kong range of Stretchers and evacuation equipment

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